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Dealing with mistakes

We all make mistakes. Lots of them. Rarely a day goes by without me making at least one, whether it be forgetting to run an errand, coming home late without warning my wife, being late to a meeting, making a bad trade, or losing patience with one of my kids. It’s OK to make mistakes because it’s part of makes us human. I would argue that our demanding lifestyle makes us prone to make much more than our parents.

I believe there are two types of mistakes: the ones that negatively impact us, and those that affect others. It’s unpleasant to be on the receiving end of a mistake, whether it was yours or someone else’s.

People have different ways to deal with mistakes they make that affect others. Some will try (and often succeed) to convince themselves that even though it wasn’t planned, the outcome of their action is better for everyone, including the people affected by it. Others will try to hide it, acting as if nothing happened, hoping no one will notice or that time will heal all wounds. Others will plainly lie, scheming, hoping they’ll never get caught. Others will look for excuses, blaming others, the weather, the market, the cell phone battery, traffic, etc.
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Montreal, the best city in the Whole Wide World

I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, one of best cities in the world. As of 2005, more than 3.6 million people lived in the MontreaI metropolitan area. I love Montreal for many reasons. It is diverse and international with close to 1 million people members of 80 vibrant ethnic communities: Haitian, northern Africans, Italian, Greek, Arab, Chinese, Southeast Asian, Berbers, Russian, Jewish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Germans, Scottish, Spanish, Lebanese, Polish, etc. It’s bilingual (French and English), the second largest French city in the world (after Paris) and hundreds of thousands of people have a different native language.

Montreal is also pro entrepreneurship, pro enterprise and pro startups with low corporate taxes, the best research and development tax credits in the world (free money for tech companies, up to 80% of R&D spending) and government support for the venture capital industry. Real Ventures just closed a $50M seed fund that will invest in 50-60 startups over the next 3-4 years. Montreal has a 60 member strong angel network that meets every month. There are 2-5 startup events every week, from product camps, to demo camps to UIX events. The city also counts half a dozen incubators/accelerators. Montreal is close to major North American cities including Toronto, New York and Boston (1-hour flight) and between a 4-5 hour flight away from San Francisco and Los Angeles. Montreal is very well positioned for the new convergence of Mobile, Gaming and Web. Some of the largest gaming studios are in MTL, including Ubisoft, EA and Warner. Nokia and Ericsson have hundreds of employees in Montreal. Montreal is world renowned for its machine learning, natural language processing and operations research talent, and the local web development community is thriving.
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